Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control Kit


Take your filmmaking to the next level with our Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control Kit. Designed for cinematographers and film enthusiasts alike, this kit offers unparalleled precision and control, allowing you to adjust focus, iris, and zoom with ease. The kit's wireless technology lets you operate from a distance up to 1000 feet, making it perfect for complex tracking shots or scenes that require a wide shooting range. The two hand units give you the flexibility to control three channels, and the motors are impressively silent, ensuring your shoot is never interrupted by unwanted noise. The Tilta Nucleus-M Kit comes with an ergonomic design and a built-in LCD for real-time feedback, making it incredibly user-friendly. Plus, its robust build and long battery life ensure it can withstand the rigors of a long shoot day. Whether you're shooting a feature film or a passion project, the Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control Kit is your key to achieving smooth, cinematic shots every time. Rent it today and experience the difference that professional-grade equipment can make.

  • Includes:
  • 3 x Fiz Motors
  • 2 x Remotes
  • 80 Batteries

Replacement Cost - $1,700.00