Consign With Us

Bring your badass gear here and we will put it to good use!

How do I start the consignment process?

  It's easy to start. Open the link to our Consignment Agreement Form, print it or save it as a PDF and fill it out. Once completed, you will bring said equipment into our rental facility and we will take photos, tag and sticker each item and place into our locked facility.

 For a copy of our Consignment Agreement, please contact us using the link at the footer and we will send it over to you.

How much will I make?

  Our listed prices are based on local market pricing on and we offer a 60% to us / 40% to you profit share for each rental.

  If we price it lower than anyone else, your rentals will increase. If the price is higher than average, your item may not rent at all. It’s all about price. You may choose what you want to charge for the rental, or let us do the work and make sure it gets rented. All rental prices can be negotiated.

What if I need my gear back?

  If your equipment has no pending rentals or is not on an active rental, you can  come pick it up at any time and we’ll mark it as not available on our sites until you return it, or let us know if you need to remove it from inventory indefinitely.

Is my the equipment insured?

  Our internal policy covers rental equipment from others. We assume all liability when your equipment is in our care. We take care of the vetting and verification of new renters, and marketing of your gear on our sites and profiles and handle the pickup and drop offs with the client for you from our location. We will need a current COI from you while we have your gear as well. Every renter has the option to acquire their own insurance and submit their COI while it is rented out and sign our terms of agreement before any of your rented gear leaves our facility.

Can I say no to a rental or renter?

  Absolutely. If you don’t trust a renter, or only want to rent to users on Sharegrid and not direct, let us know. It’s your gear, you have a say. However, you may not contact the renter directly. You must communicate to all renters through 420 South. They are renting from us, not you directly.

What if something goes wrong or items are missing?

  We take inventory and photographic record of every rental on incoming and outgoing and we will get your missing items replaced and damaged items repaired or replaced by the insurance from the renter.

What if a renter disappears with my equipment?

  Although very rare, it does happen. People are people and some new renters turn out to be either clueless, lazy or criminals. We will do our best to re-acquire the equipment and involve law enforcement as necessary. If we are unable to get your gear back, we will process an insurance claim for replacement. You will need to provide us with any requested documentation required by the insurance provider and cooperate with the insurance company with us. Typically, insurance will not pay the price you paid for the item, rather a depreciated amount based on current market value. When making claims and providing totals, please include tax and shipping to order your replacement.