Nanlite Forza 300B Bi-Color LED Monolight


Illuminate your creative vision with the Nanlite Forza 300B Bi-Color LED Monolight, now available for rent! This high-intensity lighting solution is ideal for photographers and videographers seeking flexible, powerful lighting with seamless color adjustment. The Forza 300B delivers an impressive color range from a warm 2700K to a cool 6500K, providing you with the ability to perfectly match any ambient light situation. Its robust 300W output ensures ample light for any scene, from intimate portraits to expansive landscapes. The monolight's compact design and lightweight build make it easy to transport and set up, making it a go-to choice for on-location shoots. With user-friendly controls and a clear LCD display, adjusting settings is a breeze. The Forza 300B is also fully dimmable, offering you complete control over your lighting environment. Rent the Nanlite Forza 300B Bi-Color LED Monolight today and experience the difference of professional-grade lighting.

Replacement Cost - $999