Manfrotto Background Support Set


Make your photography and videography projects come alive with our Manfrotto Background Support Set. This top-tier equipment is designed for professionals seeking flexibility and superior performance. The set includes two stands, one crossbar, and a convenient carrying bag, making it easy to transport and set up wherever your creativity takes you. Crafted by Manfrotto, a leader in photographic equipment, this support set is durable and robust, ensuring stability and longevity. It holds backgrounds up to 9 feet wide and extends to a maximum height of 7.7 feet, providing you with an ample backdrop for a variety of shoots. Whether you're capturing stunning portraits, creating a professional video setup, or showcasing products, this support set will elevate your work to new heights. The telescopic crossbar allows for easy adjustment, ensuring a perfect fit for your chosen background. The Manfrotto Background Support Set is not just about functionality; it's about transforming spaces and enhancing your creative vision. Rent it today and experience the difference in your work. A world of photographic possibilities awaits you with Manfrotto.

Replacement Cost - $105.00