Lindsey Optics Brilliant2 4x5.65" 138mm Vari ND Filter


Capture perfect shots with our Lindsey Optics Brilliant2 4x5.65" 138mm Vari ND Filter. Designed for professional filmmakers and photographers, this tool is an essential addition to your gear. The Brilliant2 Vari ND Filter offers a variable neutral density range from ND 0.6 to ND 2.4, allowing you to effortlessly control exposure and depth of field in varying light conditions. Crafted with the highest quality materials, Lindsey Optics ensures exceptional clarity and zero color shift for a pristine image quality. The 138mm diameter fits a variety of lenses, making it a versatile choice for diverse shooting scenarios. Its robust construction guarantees durability, ensuring it withstands the rigors of daily use, while the anti-reflective coating reduces glare for crystal clear images. Rent the Lindsey Optics Brilliant2 4x5.65" 138mm Vari ND Filter today and experience the difference in your photography and videography projects. Capture the world in its true essence with this essential piece of equipment. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor shoots, this filter is a must-have for every creative professional striving for perfection in their work. Rent now and elevate your visual storytelling!

Replacement Cost - $900.00