LEE ProGlass CINE IRND 1.2 ND 4x5.65"


Experience the cinematic magic with our LEE ProGlass CINE IRND 1.2 ND 4x5.65"! This professional-grade filter is a game-changer for filmmakers and photographers alike. Crafted with precision, it delivers unparalleled neutral color balance by absorbing both visible and infrared light. This feature prevents the common issue of IR contamination, ensuring your images retain their true colors and sharpness. With a 1.2 neutral density, it offers 4 stops of light reduction, allowing you to unlock creative possibilities by manipulating depth of field or capturing breathtaking motion blur effects, even in bright lighting conditions. The 4x5.65" size fits perfectly into professional matte boxes, making it a versatile choice for various camera setups. The LEE ProGlass CINE IRND 1.2 ND is not just a filter, it's a tool that enhances your visual storytelling. Its scratch-resistant and water-repellent properties ensure durability and longevity, even in the most challenging shooting environments. Get ready to elevate your cinematic vision with the LEE ProGlass CINE IRND 1.2 ND 4x5.65" filter. Rent yours today and let your creativity shine!

Replacement Cost - $600.00