LEE ProGlass CINE IRND 0.9 ND 4x5.65"


Discover the magic of professional cinematography with our LEE ProGlass CINE IRND 0.9 ND 4x5.65". This neutral density filter is a game-changer for filmmakers and photographers seeking to master the art of light manipulation. With its high-quality build, it reduces the amount of light entering your lens without altering color balance, allowing you to maintain control over exposure and depth of field in bright conditions. Unique to the ProGlass CINE series, this filter features an infrared blocker to eliminate IR pollution, ensuring your blacks stay true and your color rendition remains accurate. Crafted to a high standard in the UK, this filter is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and reliably durable. Whether you're shooting a cinematic masterpiece or capturing a stunning landscape, the LEE ProGlass CINE IRND 0.9 ND 4x5.65" is your ticket to achieving a professional quality outcome. Rent it now to unlock new possibilities in your visual storytelling.

Replacement Cost - $600.00