Hoya 82mm HMC Close-Up Filter Set II (+1,+2,+4)


Capture the intricate details of your subject like never before with our Hoya 82mm HMC Close-Up Filter Set II. This filter set enables you to transform your standard lens into a macro lens, allowing you to dive into the fascinating world of close-up photography. Each filter in the set provides a different degree of magnification, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect level of detail for your shot. They can be used separately or stacked together to achieve higher magnification. Hoya's HMC (Hoya Multi-Coated) technology reduces lens flare and ghosting, ensuring crisp, clear images. The filters are constructed from high-quality glass for superior clarity and longevity. Whether you're an amateur photographer looking to explore new techniques or a professional seeking to add versatility to your kit, the Hoya 82mm HMC Close-Up Filter Set II is a must-have. Rent it today and start capturing the unseen beauty around you!

Replacement Cost - $180.00