Genustech Eclipse 82mm ND Fader


Unleash the power of perfect exposure with the Genustech Eclipse 82mm ND Fader, your ultimate companion for capturing breathtaking visuals. Designed for the enthusiast and professional photographer alike, this variable neutral density filter allows you to seamlessly adjust light entering your lens, giving you the freedom to create without limits. Whether you're filming serene landscapes under the bright sun or seeking that perfect motion blur in your urban shots, the Eclipse ND Fader ensures your images are always vibrant and detail-rich. With its precise 2 to 8 stops of light control, you can effortlessly manage exposure without changing your aperture, preserving your depth of field and shutter speed preferences. Crafted with high-quality optical glass, the Genustech Eclipse ND Fader guarantees exceptional image clarity, while its slim profile avoids any vignetting, making it compatible with wide-angle lenses. The 82mm thread fits a wide range of lenses, ensuring versatility for all your photography needs. Now available for rent, the Genustech Eclipse 82mm ND Fader is the tool you need to elevate your photography and videography projects. Don't let harsh lighting conditions limit your creativity. Rent it today and step into a world where every shot is a masterpiece.

Replacement Cost - $145.00