EZ-GO Golf Cart (4 seater)


Experience a smooth, comfortable ride around the golf course with our EZ-GO Golf Cart. This four-seater golf cart is perfect for both small and large golfing parties. It features a robust and reliable 48-volt electric drivetrain that ensures exceptional performance and efficiency. The EZ-GO Golf Cart is designed with your comfort in mind. It boasts a spacious, ergonomically designed interior with ample legroom. The contoured, padded seats ensure a comfortable ride for all passengers. Safety is paramount, and this cart comes equipped with a top-quality braking system and lights for enhanced visibility. Plus, with its integrated cup holders and ample storage space for your golfing gear, convenience is at your fingertips. The cart's sleek, modern design will surely turn heads on the golf course. But it's not just about looks – the durable construction guarantees longevity and reliability. Rent our EZ-GO Golf Cart today and enjoy a day on the greens like never before. Whether you're an avid golfer or a beginner, this cart will make your golfing experience more enjoyable and efficient. Take your golf game to the next level with our EZ-GO Golf Cart. It's not just a ride, it's a lifestyle!

Replacement Cost - $7,900.00