DJI TB50 Battery Station Package


Power up your DJI equipment with our DJI TB50 Battery Station Package. This bundle includes two DJI TB50 Batteries and a DJI TB50 Battery Station, ensuring you have the energy you need to capture every moment. The DJI TB50 Batteries are high-capacity, offering extended flight time and reliability, perfect for those who demand the best in drone technology. They are easy to install and compatible with a wide range of DJI models. The DJI TB50 Battery Station serves as a one-stop charging and storage solution for your batteries. It can simultaneously charge up to eight TB50 batteries, reducing downtime and allowing you to focus more on capturing stunning visuals. Its portable design makes it easy to carry, making it perfect for outdoor shoots. Whether you're a professional videographer or a drone enthusiast, this DJI TB50 Battery Station Package is a must-have for uninterrupted aerial creativity. Rent it from our online store and experience the power and convenience it brings.

Includes 8 TB50 Batteries

Replacement Cost - $3,500.00