ARRI Ultra Prime 14MM 1.9 Lens


Capture the world in a compelling and breathtaking manner with the ARRI Ultra Prime 14MM 1.9 Lens. Designed for filmmakers and photographers who yearn for a superior level of detail, this lens creates stunning, high-resolution images with an ultra-wide field of view. It boasts an impressive aperture speed of 1.9, allowing for exceptional low-light performance and depth of field control. The ARRI Ultra Prime 14MM 1.9 Lens is crafted with the precision and reliability that ARRI is renowned for. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of any shooting environment, from the calmest studio to the most demanding outdoor locations. This lens is not just about technical superiority, but also about delivering a captivating visual experience. It provides minimal distortion, ensuring the reality you capture through this lens is as true to life as possible. Rent the ARRI Ultra Prime 14MM 1.9 Lens today and let your creativity shine through every frame. Elevate your filmmaking and photography to the next level with a lens that combines superior technology and artistic freedom. Experience the power of ARRI in your hands!

Replacement Cost - $22,570.00